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Technology is the most exemplary revolution of the century and it is the backbone of every business. With the constant evolution of technology, its solution evolved too and now there are more than enough technology services providers competing to provide the best services and selecting one solution provider becomes harder than ever. In the wide variety of solutions, the key is to find the best solution according to your requirements.  Over the last decade, rapid advancements have been made in business technology like cloud services, AI, IT services, data management and much more that can have great influence on your business. These solutions may appear to be the best but ultimately, they might not be the best fit for your needs. You have to draw a line between the technology that has an effect on your business and those who would wind up in your toolbox just being another toy. Choosing the right provider means you stand at a crossroads; you will have to choose on direction but while choosing to put your business needs foremost. 

So, how do you make the right decisions when there are so many options out there? 

Identify your needs: 

Technology is there to help you work efficiently and with ease saving you a lot of time. The most important aspect of choosing the best business technology is identifying your business needs. You should know about the things that you’re already doing well, and what things you need to do better. You will have to figure out the company’s pain points and that can only be accomplished by involving your employees in the process. You can start by asking the team about their time management issues and how much time specific task takes to complete or in what tasks they are having difficulty? Once you collect the data you will get to know about the weak links of the company. It may be a time management problem while providing individual instructions that may need a video conference solution provider or it can be data management issue that may need cloud computing services provider. Like this, you will have to identify the problem and then choose the service provider. 

Your financial model: 

The other important thing is to understand your budget and what is your target. Everyone wants to grow and make more customers and technology is giving you a way to grow. That’s why you need to prioritize your technology decisions that either you want an incredibly scalable solution but may require additional resources that can go out of your budget or you want to find something that is bulletproof, something that fits your budget and doesn’t improve one area of your business while disrupting another. 

Decide what services and skills you require: 

While adopting a new technology you need to understand the impact it may have on your team as your team may have different level of familiarity with the various solutions. Make sure you know your team skills and what skills or support, you’ll need from the provider. The technology you like might be impeccable for your needs but may require some significant investment for training. You will have to make sure you go for that provider that provides your required skills and training in your budget. 

Customer service 

Communication is the key to success between a client and service provider. There will always be question during the implementation and day-to-day services. Make sure to research vendors’ service models to ensure live help will be available when you need it. you should research the vendor’s expertise and ensure the platform meets the needs of their business. 

Do your research: 

Once you have narrowed down the technology you are looking for, its budget and skills you require, start looking for the required service providers and make a list.  Your list might include multiple solutions. Let’s say you require video conference solution provider in Sydney and cloud computing services provider simultaneously. Get in touch with other business owner friends who use similar services and ask them for recommendations They can tell you the pros and cons.  You can individually call video conference solution provider and cloud computing services provider, or you can get a provider who provides both services and ask them for their quotation for your required needs. If you like the provider and quotation, voila! You may have found what you were looking for. 

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