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With the COVID-19 pandemic having been stretched to up to a year, and the threat still not at bay, the best option for travelling in these times is within the country. And after being cooped up in your houses, if you’re looking to dip your toes in the adventurous lifestyle then look no further because Magnums has got you covered with their amazing tour packages and budget accommodation options in Airlie Beach, Queensland; operating in the Whitsundays for over 32 years.  

Magnums is an awardwinning and affordable tour and accommodation provider within the Whitsunday Islands with ample experience in the field. This is why they promise to offer the best experience you can possible get from your vacations because they understand how important these days of relaxation and fun can be either with family or friends.  

The team at Magnums is passionate, knowledgeable and collaborative to provide the best possible experience to make your trip an unforgettable one. And if you are unsure of where to go and where to start then you can find amazing deals/accommodations at the Magnums website from ocean rafting day trip Whitsundaysbudget accommodations in Airlie Beach etc.  

The plus points of travelling with Magnums are:  


One of Magnums proud specialty is being able to provide budget accommodation at Airlie Beach and other enjoyment facilities. What they aim to keep in mind is the housing must be in prime locations near to shopping centres as well as Magnums offices (for easy access in emergencies or such).  

The budget accommodation at Airlie Beach consists of several different levels of rooms with varying price points. The more costly and luxurious options consisting of:  

  • Queen cabin complete with an ensuite – spacious rooms with an attached bathroom, private balcony and close to all resort facilities. With a proper fridge, TV and free unlimited Wi-Fi and more.  
  • Independent Cabin – this is if you are looking for that extra bit of luxury and privacy. This s a fully furnished space with a functional kitchenette, air conditioning and TV system. This is also at a prime location in the heart of Airlie Beach nightlife.  

And the lower budget accommodations at Airlie Beach consist of a: 

  • Twin Room – with single bunk beds for maximum of 2 people. These are also fully airconditioned with beverage facilities like tea/ coffee maker and a small fridge.  
  • Double Room – with almost the same facilities offered as the Twin Room, this budget accommodation, however, offers a double bed instead of bunk beds.  

A small additional cost of around AUD $5, can upgrade the above budget accommodations with TV facilities as well. Now moving on from the fabulous budget accommodations at Airlie Beach offered at Magnums, let’s look at the other plus point of Magnums which is: 


Magnums proudly offer a wide range of engaging activities and if you are interested in going on an adventure, then you can browse through Magnums extensive selection of activities such as skydiving, snorkelling tours, reef adventures and most importantly award-winning rafting adventures and so much more.  

The ocean rafting day trip Whitsundays is an extremely popular activity within Magnum customers. So what makes this ocean rafting day trip Whitsundays so special?

Ocean Rafting Day Trip Whitsundays 

This is an award-winning tour activity that explores the “Wild Side” of the Whitsunday Islands with beautiful and completely untouched, natural scenic views accompanied by the most beautiful marine and animal life. This rafting day trip is the only tour to have access to the stunning Hill Inlet Beach along with unique and secluded snorkelling sites. It is primarily a threeday tour offering: 

  • Lunch (buffet style) 
  • Scenic bush walks 
  • Whitehaven Beach 
  • Snorkel Coral Reef (with proper snorkeling gear provided) 

And much more! 

The Ocean Rafting Day Trip Whitsundays is the perfect activity for you if you are an absolute beach lover because in one trip Magnums is offering a wide range of activities from rafting to snorkelling, walk around some of the most beautiful beaches Australia has to offer, etc.

Furthermore, details can be found on Magnum’s website that will answer all your questions from timings to payment options. Magnum’s gives it their all to make sure their customers find their new adventure! 

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