Why High-Quality Valves are Essential for Industrial Use

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There’s no room for error if you’re running an industry that deals with a lot of fluid. Although often neglected, the valves you install alone can play a major role in controlling your overall industrial operations. Yet, valves are some of the most neglected parts of an industry. But what most people do not take into consideration is that choosing the right valves can not only enhance the efficiency of your business but also keep your staff safe.  

Most of you may not know, but usually, there are two valves that are used for industrial purposes. One of them is the lined butterfly valve. A lined valve is similar to a butterfly valve which can partially or fully open and close the disc. Except, the reason it is called a lined valve is because the metal part of the valve stays from the fluid. It has a plastic surface and only the plastic surface is going to come in contact with the fluid.  

Similarly, then you also have the knife gate valves. Knife gate valves are normally used for complete isolation. They can either be fully closed or fully open, there’s no in between. Their application is when you have to suddenly have to control the fluid and stop it from passing. So now that you know what two of the most common valves are and why they’re necessary, let’s also look at why you should settle for nothing less than the highest quality valves in the market. 

  1. Promoting Employee Safety
    In industries where you have to constrict the flow of the fluid on a moment’s notice, you can’t ignore the type of valves you’re using. This helps you make sure that your employees stay safe and also enables you to ensure that your work operations can be carried out smoothly. Most of the industries nowadays use a mix of both lined butterfly and knife gate valves. The knife gate valves in particular can be quite beneficial to use because in case of an emergency, they can fully be closed and restrict the fluid from passing. So in case a mishap happens at the industry and your employees suddenly have to cut off the fluid supply, knife gate valves can come in handy. A fine example of this is in a leakage in the pipes. In case of a leakage you would want to make sure that the main source is restricted, and this is where the knife gate valves can truly come in handy. 
  2. Ensuring Work Efficiency
    High-quality valves can help your employees make sure that they’re able to carry out their day to day tasks with maximum efficiency. But how can valves make a difference? Well, in the case of lined butterfly valve, it can be quite useful, especially if you have to keep a track of how much fluid you’re letting go. The lined butterfly valve has its own application in most industries, and in comparison to the regular butterfly valves, it is also cheaper. The reason lined butterfly valve is heavily used in industries is because it doesn’t let the wet fluid come in contact with the metal. And considering that metal doesn’t react well to fluids usually, installing a lined butterfly valve can help you make sure that you are able to control the flow of the liquid and at the same time, don’t have to worry about damaging the walls of the pipes. 
  3. Avoiding Maintenance Issues
    The higher the quality valve, the more you’d be able to avoid maintenance issues in your industry. One of the biggest problems with low-quality valves is that in case something happens to it, getting it repaired isn’t easy. And better yet, finding someone who can repair it is also a challenge. If your knife gate valves starts to show problems at a late hour, it’s highly unlikely you’d be able to find a service who would help you replace it. 

So the safer option is to avoid maintenance issues to begin with. The higher quality the valve is, the longer it will last and the more you will be able to avoid any disturbances in your workflow. Ideally, if install a high-quality valve in the beginning, the chances are you won’t have to replace it ever again. 



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