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Vivaxim is referred to as the vaccine that is applied in the treatment of two ailments: the typhoid fever and the hepatitis A. It should be borne in mind that such malfunctioning is generally observed among the people whose ages range from 16 and above. Fundamentally this vaccine operates through its effect on the body in the shape of production of protective element by your body in in connection with the mentioned diseases. This protection is carried out through the generation of the antibodies that are expected to lodge fight regarding the hepatitis A as well as the microorganism called the bacteria pertaining to the fever of typhoid. This reflects that once the patient faces contact with the said situations then the body is in common found to be prepared enough for dealing with the bacterial problems. You would be at an advantage to keep in your esteemed mind that you would be taking two weeks before you should feel protected against the microorganisms. The element of safety would be in effect in stages, the beginning could be initially in the form of one doze of the vaccination of vivaxim and this would be followed by the booster doze with the vaccine in connection with the hepatitis A of inactive nature and this would be administered after having vaccinated the patient with the drug.


In relation to the aforementioned, your body would be supposed to develop protection of long term nature and therefore the repeated vaccinations could be needed by you so as to provide maintenance to the protection element. It would be satisfying for you to note that most of the people would be able to develop such a number of antibodies that could be construed as enough to deal with the microorganisms pertaining to hepatitis A as well as typhoid fever. You could rest assured with the knowledge that with the presence of the typhoid/hepatitis vaccine within your body the diseases of the typhoid and the hepatitis would not be expected to appear.


Though there could be the risk of an adverse effect of small magnitude consequent to the administration of the vivaxim vaccine but it should be in your knowledge and understanding that once you develop the malfunctioning in connection with the typhoid fever as well as the hepatitis then life could become greatly serious for you to manage. You should not be expected to take anti tox vaccine in case you have had allergy. The symptoms could comprise the shortness in relation to your breath, wheezing or any type of difficulty with reference to your breathing activity. The face could swell in addition to the lips as well as the tongue on top of multiple body parts. The persons whose age is below 16 should not be vaccinated with the vaccine since the safety in this situation has not been established yet. The moment the mentioned symptoms appear then the vaccine must be administered.


You must inform the doctor prior to taking the vaccine and the doctor could decide to have a delay with regard to the vaccination till your illness gets removed. It should be in your knowledge that the vaccine should be infused into the veins or the buttocks and its dose should be a reflection of a millilitre of the vaccine that is mixed. When you are expected to be at the risk of contracting the diseases then this vaccine should be taken about a fortnight before this expectation. It should be made clear that you maintain a record in relation to the number of vaccinations or the available and that you maintain attendance in connection with the appointments by the doctor of yours.


The side effects could embrace headache, general feeling of sickness, nausea in addition to fever and getting fainted. As far as the storage of the vivaxim is related it should be maintained that the temperature range of 2 to 8 degrees would have to be maintained and that the vaccine should never be frozen. The product description says that the vaccination with the vaccine is a combination vaccine that is enclosed within a syringe of dual chamber.  one of them contains the vaccine for5 the typhoid fever and the other chamber contains the vaccine for the hepatitis.

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