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Driving requires licence for permit allowance to take the vehicle on the road. Sometimes, the licence might get rejected due to any traffic rules violence, and then the issuance of a new licence is called as the extraordinary drivers licence. This is a specialized driving licence issued by the court only allowed to the individuals with cancelled licences. On the other side, immigration lawyers in Perth are particularly in assess to business clients or other individuals to represent them in court and other registration bodies for immigration and migration issues. These work in matters of legality associated to the foreign travel or immigration of people for various purposes.  

Issuance of extraordinary drivers licence 

If under certain crucial circumstance, a driver’s licence has been cancelled or rejected and in case, he needs urgent travelling then he may access to the court for the allowance of extraordinary drivers licence. This specific licence is not handed over to every driving person, but only those with rejected licences can apply for it. Special application form is needed to submit, explaining the matter of fact under which the prior cancellation was done. Later, it’s up to the court regarding the EDL allowance. However, if the issued individual still breaks the law, extraordinary drivers licence can also get cancelled too.  

The individual submit the application in the magistrate court. By concerning the safety of the general public and the traffic rules obeying EDL is commonly issued. Following are certain conditions under which the court cannot grant extraordinary drivers licence based in Perth to the applicant: 

  • If the driver is subjected to numerous demerits points by traffic police 
  • Issuance of disqualification notice by the police 
  • If number of fines are charged by the Fines enforcement agency 
  • An EDL cannot be issued under conditions if the applied application is rejected by the court within 6 months of submission 
  • If any heinous criminal record is found in the name of driver 
  • Offence record can also result in rejection of EDLs 

After taking in accordance the above–mentioned circumstances, court will issue the extraordinary drivers licence but can impose certain legalities and conditions over its use. Most people with demand of EDL seek for lawyer’s guidance and advice. He can also request for lawyer’s assistance at the time of addressing in court.  

Appointment of immigration lawyers 

Immigrants need special immigration attorneys for representing their travelling issues, foreign status and abroad business legalities in the court. These are called as immigration lawyers. These are authorized personals that are trained in understanding and dealing with the United States immigration law and its modifications. On the basis of this knowledge, these can act as a counsellor assisting the clients about the legalities concerned with the stay, work or live in abroad. Immigration lawyers are hired by people that are usually stuck and are facing problems in their immigration. Nowadays, due to complexed processes of immigration it is considered appropriate to appoint a lawyer for this purpose. Therefore, similar to any other ordinary domestic lawyer, an immigration specialist lawyer is also important to deal with it. These unlikely to the lawyers with civil cases, are more involved with immigration disputes. 

Immigration lawyers are commonly involved in visa applications, nationality, green card issuance, citizenship allowance, deportation problems and foreign country violence acts. They actively assist their clients in such matters to solve in the light of law. Other areas where an immigrant lawyers can work wonders for his clients to attain full legalities are as follow 

  • Requiring a refugee status 
  • Aiding family travel and immigrant status for living 
  • Deported for criminal status or any offence act 
  • Illegal travel to United States 
  • Fabrication of personal and professional documents for abroad living 
  • Initiating a business in a foreign country 

All these are mandatory to be assessed by the immigration lawyers before a person moves in or start a business in foreign. Thus, in the modern world there is quite normalization of using immigration experts in personal and professional handlings of the clients. 


Extraordinary drivers licence is only issued by the court magistrate to individuals with disqualified driving licence. While, immigration lawyers are the specialized lawyers facilitating clients in resolving their emigration and immigration problems 

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