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As you may be aware, the blazing heat here in Australia is one, which can be very bothersome to those who are exposed to it. Tinting on the windows of your house is a great way to avoid the UV rays of the sun entering your home and causing damage to your skin as well as other aspects of your home which we will talk about in detail in the later paragraphs.

Instant Windscreens and Tints is a company which offers a tinting service all over Australia. They understand that not everyone would want the same kind of tint in their house, therefore, they have a selection of a few tints within your home, which you can best pick to suit you. All the while maintaining a strong defence against UV rays entering our home, as that is what the tints are meant to do anyway.

Here we will be talking about home tinting for the first time and re-tinting your home windows when the time comes and they begin to show signs of age and wear and tear.

Installing tints film in your house for the first time may be extremely necessary for you this coming summer season. As you may be aware the damage done by the sun can be of fatal proportion If not taken care of. Heatstroke/ sunstroke, sunburns and in some cases skin cancer can come about due to direct exposure to the sun. Moreover, the intensity of the heat can dry up the water in your body and cause you to become dehydrated.

The sun may also cause damage to your house and home environment as well. If you have clear windows with sun rays pouring in, you may see that your furniture will fade and start to lose its colour. It goes without saying that nobody wants their furniture to get ruined, that too by something as avoidable as the sun’s rays.

Moreover, the light entering your home will obviously make your house a lot warmer, therefore you will be using more cooling to combat the heat. Which then means that you will get a higher electricity bill and a reduction of your cash flow. All this can be easily avoided by simply having some window tinting Mandurah done.

For those of you who have had their tints applied on their window screens, you need understand the signs of when it’s time to change them. Some of the signs may include but are not exclusive to, the tinting developing bubbles in them. This may be due to dust and dirt on the surface when the film was first applied onto the surface, meaning it wasn’t cleaned properly the first time.
Other than that, over time the film may develop scratches and scrapes, this may be due to occasionally bumping into the film, especially when you have children around in the house. Moreover, over time the tints may begin to develop a purple-ness to them, this means that they are now starting to fade. This generally happens over the course of a few years, nevertheless, it means it’s time to change the tints.

In order to keep your tints fresh for them to stay durable longer, it is a good idea to keep them clean. Clean them as often as possible and make sure there is no dirt or any sort of condensation on the glass’s surface. Moreover, ammonia may hold a strong place in ruining the film on the windows, therefore, skip the water cleaning and start using some proper window cleaner to keep the films nice and clean and ammonia free.

Finally, head on over to Instants website for some good home window tinting in Mandurah. Go over their selection of tints for the house and maybe even consider some for your car this summer. Click here to visit their website and pick out the tint that best suits our home and have it installed today!

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