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Is your engagement date around the corner? Are you soon going to be married? Is your partner upset with you? Have you not found a perfect gift for your daughter’s graduation party? If any of these questions is revolving in your mind then the answer to all of them lies in two words which are “jewellery items”. Girls have this strange attachment with jewellery items which they do not have with any other materialistic thing. It is not that the girls are after money rather it is just that they feel a connection and love with the Jewry items that have been given to them by their loved ones. Moreover, they can buy a beautiful piece of Jewry for themselves as well to make them happy and confident. All kinds of jewellery items hold special importance and meaning in girl’s lives but ring is one such Jewellery item which is loved and adored by each and every girl. There are many different types of rings which are differently composed and differently designed. We will be discussing about the different types of sapphire rings based in Melbourne along with their costs in this article. 

Jewellery items: 

Jewellery items are such pieces of stones which are worn for ornamental and adornment purposes. Jewellery items may vary from necklaces to brooches and from ear rings to bracelets. Among all other jewellery items, rings are the most loved ones. Some girls like to wear only ear rings while others like only necklaces but all of the girls love to wear rings on their fingers. Maybe the reason for this connection with rings is that it is much more than a mere piece of a jewellery item. It is a promise given by someone for the beautiful life ahead, it is an achievement bought by your first salary, it is a wish given by a special one and many other such emotions are attached with rings.  

Diamond rings versus tourmaline rings versus diamond rings: 

There must be a reason behind the famous quotation which goes as that diamonds are the best friends of girls. Diamond rings are one of the most loved kinds of rings which are composed by processing the carbon element. They are present in transparent shades. On the other hand, tourmaline rings are available in every kind of colour that is present in this world. They are made up of beautiful and colourful gemstones.  Sapphire rings are one of the most precious gemstones which are highly adored by women all over the world. These rings are composed by processing the corundum element and are mostly present in blue colour. 

Different types of sapphire rings along with their costs: 

We know that all sapphire rings are made up of corundum element but these sapphire rings are available in different shapes and designs on the basis of which they have been categorised.  There is a sapphire ring which has three sapphire stones attached on it; the middle one being the biggest among the two others, this rings costs about $3,200. If you want a mixture of diamond and sapphire then you can buy this beautiful ring of diamond and sapphire. In this ring, sapphire is placed in the centre in rectangular shape while the two quadrilateral shaped diamonds are placed at both the sides of the sapphire; this rings costs $4,600.  If you want a simple yet elegant sapphire ring then there is a ring which constitutes of single sapphire gemstone clawed from four sides and costs about $2,300. Scattered diamond and parti sapphire ring is a latest design in the market in which the rings gives an appearance of scattered diamonds and sapphire stones. It costs $6,900.  


Sapphire rings are the kind of rings that have been made by processing the corundum element. Then this element is shaped and designed in its finest forms to make rings. There are different types of affordable engagement rings based in Melbourne which differ on the basis of their designing, shape and composition. The cost of these rings differs according to the effort and quality put in each ring. “Melanie katsalidis” offers the best quality and huge variety of sapphire rings.  

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