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In this fast world, people from every race are running towards almost nothing and the run can cause depression sometimes and they want to escape from it so, sometimes they use meditation but most people go for drugs and get addicted. A lot of people experience some problems in their drug use as they get addicted which can be a huge problem later on and it’s not about one race or nation it’s all over the world.  

Not all the people are doing it because of anxiety or depression, some people started using it out of curiosity and fun but later on they get addicted and become dependent because of their addiction. As the drug addiction causing some destroying effects there is one thing which is putting a huge positive impact on the society and that is ‘Rehabilitation Centres’. They provide many services such as addiction rehabilitation based in Melbourne and counselling which can reduce the effects of drugs and can also lower the addiction inside out, you can have positive impacts on a drug abuser as you can have a chance of staying in a drug free are for a long time. 

The Hills and Ranges  

Taking the list of biggest and luxurious rehab centres around the globe you just can’t ignore Hills and Ranges Private rehabilitation centre. It is located just outside Melbourne in the beautiful rural settings of Olinda. The location itself is so beautiful and you need to have this kind of location to support the process of rehabilitation in Melbourne. As, the most important thing to avoid an addiction is to get yourself busy in some useful activities like physical exercises so Hills and Ranges is providing some serious physical activities that too under the qualified therapists and who make sure that you get a good physical state at the end of the rehab and that will put a positive impact on mental health too.  

The 51® Recovery Process 

As set by a highly qualified team of counsellors and doctors the recovery process depends upon three globally relied treatment processes. These processes can be applied according to the level and intensity of addiction. The recovery processes are mentioned below: 

  1. 12 STEP program: As recovery is a long process so the drug addict can be handled by 12 steps program. In this program a person is taught that what things are best for his individual needs and what can harm him/her. In fact after getting some betterment the person can also revisit some step and can also take more than one step at a time.   
  2. SMART goals: Rehabilitation sometimes can be a bit complicated so you just cannot go for it just like that and you need to set some short and long goas to achieve your required results and that is one of most relied process all over the world. 
  3. CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy): CBT is a mental therapy in which you can help the person to find new ways of thinking by adapting different thought patterns and that can help a lot with mental stress and addiction. CBT is one of the most relied processes around the globe. 

Treatment options:  

Hills and Ranges is not only an inbound treatment centre as it can treat the drug addicts at home too as they are giving two treatment options which are as follows:  

  1. Residential program: In the residential program the patients will stay inside the give treatment facility in which their day will be completely planned and all the activities will help their addiction rehabilitation treatment process and this is a better option as the patient will not get freedom which he needs for addiction. 
  2. Outpatient program: Outpatient program can be used for early stage addicts as this will allow them to get a treatment while staying at their home or any other sober living facility. Outpatient program is far less intense it may take only 2 3 hours a day. 

Types of Rehab Hills and Ranges Dealing in:  

Addiction can come from many ways and things but Hills and Ranges is dealing with almost all of them some of the major rehab types are given below:  

  1. Gambling Addiction 
  2. Meth Heroin Rehab 
  3. Ice Rehab 
  4. Drug Rehab 
  5. Depression Rehab 
  6. Cocaine Rehab 
  7. Alcohol Rehab  

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